Wellstone Chemical manufactures advanced products for a range of concrete applications. We introduced Lithium to the concrete market. No one knows Lithium better. 


Wellstone Guard is an extremely thin and hard sealer/finish for concrete. This water based, low VOC sealer creates a very thin protective layer on top of the concrete, while also densifing and strengthening the concrete itself. It can be applied easily, and maintained even easier. Wellstone Guard can also provide a beautiful shine for your floor while protecting it at the same time. An appealing alternative to epoxies and other floor coatings, Wellstone Guard helps your floor look it’s best, all while protecting your floor from stains, traffic, and other potential problems.


Wellstone Densifier is a premium lithium-based concrete densifier that can strengthen and improve your concrete floor. A superior alternative to sodium and potassium-based densifiers, Wellstone Densifier uses lithium to react with the concrete, and create a harder, less porous surface. Wellstone Densifier effectively hardens the top layer of the floor, which helps to prevent dusting (the breaking down of the top layer of the floor) and surface delamination (where the top layer of the floor separates from the slab). Concrete floors are an investment, so make sure to protect your investment for the life of the floor by applying Wellstone Densifier.

Salt Shield

Wellstone Salt Shield is an impressive lithium-based coating that, in addition to densifying and hardening your floor, creates a chemical shield which is excellent at preventing salt damage to your floor. Salt (sodium) attracts water. When salt gets into your concrete it pulls in unwanted water which can lead to significant problems. Wellstone Salt Shield helps avoid those problems by preventing salt from penetrating into the slab. Salt Shield is especially needed for areas where salt is a common deicer in the winter time. Salt and water (from melted snow and ice) in the winter is a recipe for damaged concrete, so don’t delay, and apply some Salt Shield to your concrete floor today.

Diamond Clean

Wellstone Diamond Clean is a concrete polisher’s best friend. This polishing and grinding aid doesn’t focus on the floor, because that’s the job of the diamonds. Instead, Wellstone Diamond Clean keeps the grinding pads clean by clearing the slurry solids away from the grinding area, and allowing the diamonds to achieve maximum contact with the surface of the slab. In addition, Wellstone Diamond Clean is also good for the equipment with anti-corrosive properties which will extend the life of the pads and will keep your equipment performing well.